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Sneak Peek with L.V. Lewis

A special sneak peek into a portion of the new edition of Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever . . .
Summary: "Fifty Shades meets Keisha from the block." Keisha Beale and her roommate Jada Jameson have half the money they need to start their dream business. A hookup from Jada's well-connected father gets them a meeting with the elusive venture capitalist Tristan White. The only time slot he has available is the close of business on a Friday afternoon when Jada has a nonrefundable ticket for a sorority week in Sin City. Keisha goes to the meeting alone and almost flubs their chance at getting the much-needed start-up capital they require. During this one chance meeting venture capitalist Tristan White discovers he wants a little coffee in his cream. Thus begins his pursuit of Keisha Beale, the only woman who can quench his raging case of Jungle Fever! [caption id="attachment_674" align="alignright" width="230"]lewisbusiness © Bellemedia | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images[/caption] Excerpt: Saturday morning after breakfast, we have the first of many fencing lessons in Tristan’s gym. Once again, he’s well-prepared. Tristan’s gone overboard in my opinion and bought me three sets of fencing whites. I dress in my knickers, plastron, chest protector, jacket, socks, trainers, and glove and then carry my mask and foil out of the dressing room with me. I meet Tristan out on the floor. He’s already dressed and practicing. He stops when I enter the room, and his eyes rake over me with the same appreciation mine are showing him. Damn! He’s fine in that getup, especially the tight breeches! my Fairy Hoochie Mama says. Triple-G even lets loose the type of whistle that men usually use on women when they’re making catcalls. I execute an extended mental eye roll at them. “Seeing you dressed out gives me ideas, Ms. Beale,” Tristan says, his eyes bright. “What if I don’t like fencing? Then these cute little outfits you bought will go to waste.” “They’re not just cute little outfits, and believe me, once you get into it you’ll love it.” “Says the man who’s probably been doing this since he could walk.” He looks thoughtful. “Our mother did begin to teach us when we were five.” Every so often, I learn something new about Tristan that underscores the differences in our upbringings. This is one of those moments. When I was that age, my mama was teaching me nursery rhymes, reading, and singing. However, knowing that his mother fenced makes me feel like I can do this. “Then, in homage to the late Mrs. White, I’ll give it a good old college try.” “Oh you’ll give it more than that.” “How can you be so certain?” “Physical fitness is part of your contract, and it will go a long way in helping you endure the rigors of our role-play weekends. I can tell from your muscle tone you haven’t been sedentary, and your lines suggest you could be really good at this. What sports did you enjoy in school?” “I did track and field in high school. And even though my music major didn’t allow me to continue in college, I used DePaul’s track and gym whenever I could.” “I’m impressed and happy to be the beneficiary of your diligence.” “You have a weird way of giving compliments.” “You’ll undoubtedly find many things weird about me, but I prefer the term eccentric.” “Eccentric is more pleasing to the ear.” Tristan brings me a shiny silver jacket that matches my mask perfectly. “Here, put this on.” “What’d you do; rob Michael Jackson’s wardrobe?” He tries to resist smiling but fails. “Funny. The answer is no. It’s an electric lamé or over-jacket. When our body cords are attached to it and plugged into the reel on either end of the fencing strip, it will register electronic scoring as targets on our bodies are hit.” “So, this is kinda like what you like to do with the whips, crops, and floggers in the grotto?” He pauses for a second. “Now you mention it. Yes.” His eyes shine with an elation that wasn’t there before, and he finishes getting us both outfitted with the equipment and in position. “The first thing you do is salute your opponent as a sign of respect.” He closes his mask. “Mask down, Ms. Beale.” I feel like he’s ordering me around in a scene. He moves into a posture and stands still. “This is the en garde position. Front foot facing forward, and then your back foot at a ninety degree angle with your front foot, your feet are shoulder width apart and your knees are bent. Like so.” I follow his instructions and manage to mirror his stance exactly after a few seconds. “Good form.” I grin. How ridiculous is it that I crave his approval so much? He points at the line next to him on the strip. “Don’t cross that line until you’ve been signaled to engage after completing the en garde stance.” “Okay.” He approaches me in a sexy swagger made more pronounced by his fencing shoes, a literal rolling from his heels to the balls of his feet. “This is a classic lunge.” He executes one. “It is how you attack your opponent.” I mimic his movement until he deems I’ve done it right. “You always want to block your target areas from your opponent during a lunge.” Tristan uses the foil to point to the areas he describes. “The arms, chest and head are targets, and there are three parries designed to block these targets.” He holds the foil horizontally at his shoulder. “This is the three parry to block your flank.” He moves the foil diagonally across his chest. “This is the four parry to block your chest.” Finally, the foil is horizontal at head level. “And this, is the five parry to block your head. There’s also a two and a one, but those aren’t used quite as often as the ones I’ve just shown you. As we progress and you have need of the others, we’ll learn them.” “Now, for a bit of footwork,” he says. “I’ll show you advancing and retreating today. I’ll save some of the fancier stuff for later.” [caption id="attachment_946" align="alignleft" width="269"]© Jacetan | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images © Jacetan | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images[/caption] He moves into en garde position. “Okay, here’s the advance. Watch my feet.” He does something that looks like a shuffling hip-hop dance move; he executes it with such lightning speed. “To slow it down for you, the advance is done in three distinct steps. Your feet should remain shoulder width apart at all times. The front foot moves first, beginning by lifting the toes. Straighten the leg at the knee, pushing the heel out in front. Land on the heel, and then bring the back foot up to en garde stance again.” Tristan shows me again several times until I get it. Then I execute several advances until the movement feels natural to me. “The final movement I’m going to show you today is the retreat, which is sort of a reverse of the advance. It’s a three-step process also. Back foot first to the ball of the foot. Down with the heel and then on the ball of the foot. Like so.” He retreats, advances, and then retreats until I’m able to follow him without a misstep. We go through the parries, slowly again and again, all while advancing and retreating until I’m well familiar with them. “Now, these will be executed very quickly, but we’ll go slow until you get the hang of it,” Tristan assures me. I find myself enjoying figuring out how to block his attacks. They are slow in the beginning so I’m able to think fast and position my foil so he doesn’t hit me every time. As he gathers speed, even though I parry to block, he hits my targets, particularly my chest. So much so, if I weren’t wearing the chest plate, I’m sure my breasts would be stinging right about now. I see him smile when he gets three successive points against me, and I feel powerless against his lunges because they are executed so flawlessly. I retreat all the way off the strip. “No fair! You have me at a complete disadvantage.” Tristan stops, flips his hood back, folds his arms, and crosses a long leg at the ankle. He holds his foil in one hand and beckons me Mortal Kombat style with the other hand. I push my hood back and shake my head. “You’ve got to be crazy if you think I’m lunging at you again right now.” “You were doing well for a beginner if we discount the odd moments when you were whacking at me like you were trying to chop vegetables on a cutting board.” “I’m a girl. We always resort to flailing when fighting, didn’t you know this?” “I’ve seen you hit someone, remember? You don’t flail when you fight, so don’t do it while fencing. In fact, if you treat fencing the same way you do boxing, you’ll do fine. If you practice the moves enough, they’ll become second nature to you. Use the gym when you’re here and in a few months, you’ll be fencing like an amateur.” He grins at his own attempt at a joke. I don a fake smile then show him my serious face. “Funny, White.” “Okay, I’m going to use my left hand during this final bout. This should give you some advantage.” He moves to his place on the strip, and I do the same. [caption id="attachment_848" align="alignright" width="300"]Tristan and Keisha Tristan and Keisha[/caption] “En garde,” he says. “En garde,” I respond, and we fight a near equal match, but he still gets the better of me in the end. In fact, he presses toward me, using some fancy sword play reminiscent of The Legend of Zorro. Then he makes a series of scores, all in the vicinity of my breasts and finally he relieves me of my foil and touches near the vee of my legs with his. “I don’t recall that being a target area,” I say, my voice husky. “It’s always a target for me,” he replies and drops his foil, pulls me into his arms, and kisses me till my knees get weak. Our tongues lunge and parry like they’re fencing and hitting all our target areas. We rack up so many points the bout is tied when we come up for air. The next to attack will score the winning touch, and it’s safe to say neither of us is concerned about who will come out on top.

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Loves All Things Books: T.M. Franklin / Beach Read Bonanza

T.M. Franklin / Beach Read Bonanza: Chloe Blake has a unique gift, an odd connection to her house that results in glimpses of the past, present, and future via the picture w...

Book Review:: Lissa Bryan's End Of All Things

The End of All Things
After a terrible virus ravages the planet, Carly Daniels, one of the few survivors, hides in her apartment in Juneau trying to survive the best she can with only occasional forays to gather food. With her is Sam, a wolf puppy she found starving on the streets. He becomes her companion and a reason to continue when giving up sometimes seems like the more attractive option. Still dazed with shock and grief, she hopes for the world to go back to normal soon.

She is discovered by Justin, an ex-soldier who is intent on making his way to Florida before the winter sets in. Justin coaxes her out of her hiding place and convinces her to join him on his journey, because a warmer climate will be their best chance against the extremes of Mother Nature.

Together, they begin a perilous journey through a nation laid to waste by the disaster. Challenges abound along the way. The weather, injury, and shortage of supplies all help to slow them down. In time, they discover that they aren’t the only survivors. Some are friendly but some have had their minds destroyed by the high fever. Then there are those who simply take what they want, leaving Carly and Justin with no choice but to defend what is theirs.

But their journey is not without joy and love. Together, they face every struggle, including an unplanned pregnancy. Despite the perils of bringing a child into a world of chaos, their baby is a new beginning for themselves and a symbol of hope for the other survivors they find along the way.

This is the story of their journey to find a place to begin a new life, and a home in each other.

I’ve been reading a lot of dystopian novels lately. With the world in the state it is in today, it’s easy to see how this society can quickly end up in an “Apocalyptic” type scenario. For me, it’s more realistic than many of the other types of genres I like to read, yet fantasy at the same time.

That being said, it is very hard to pull off a well thought out plot line that is both believable and logical in reality, yet has that aspect of fantasy that keeps the readers guessing at what will happen next. Lissa Bryan’s The End Of All Things has this key aspect and has nailed it down perfectly. More importantly, I can actually picture myself in the same scenario as the characters, which is paramount to making any dystopian novel plausible.

I truly enjoyed this novel. In fact, I couldn’t put it down! Every page left me wanting to find out what happened next. I’ve been a big fan of Lissa’s for a while now, but this story let me see a new side of her imagination that left me wanting more.

Lissa BryanLissa Bryan is an astronaut, renowned Kabuki actress, Olympic pole vault gold medalist, Iron Chef champion, and scientist who recently discovered the cure for athlete's foot.... though only in her head. Real life isn't so interesting, which is why she spends most of her time writing.

Her first novel, Ghostwriter was released October 11, 2012, and her second, The End of All Things, was released on January 24, 2013. Her third, tentatively titled Daughter of the Wind and Waves is scheduled for spring of 2014.
For more information, visit 
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 Code Red         Legacy of a Dreamer (Dreamer, #1)      Don't Forget to Remember Me (The Remembrance Trilogy, #2)

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Beach Read Bonanza

All American Ebook Sale!!!

The Memorial Day Weekend is Coming

Before you take off on your long weekend, load up your eReader with some great books on sale this week! Different books are on sale each day - so be sure and check back!

Window by T.M. Franklin

Price: FREE
Regular Price: $.99
Chloe Blake has a unique gift, an odd connection to her house that results in glimpses of the past, present, and future via the picture window in her living room. Unfortunately, it's a gift that sometimes proves to be more of a curse. Especially when she tries to help out Ethan Reynolds, the gorgeous boy who lives across the street - an endeavor that, for some reason, always seems to backfire. Or leave her covered in mud. But the house is convinced Ethan's life is in danger and Chloe's the only one who can save him. The problem is, he thinks she's more than a little crazy.

Talented by Sophie Davis

Price: FREE
Regular Price:
When Talia Lyons was just a child, her parents were murdered before her eyes. Unable to accept their fate, Talia trains to become one of the country’s deadliest assassins in order to kill the man responsible. Luckily, she was born with a gift- the ability to read and influence the minds of others. At sixteen, Talia’s poised to graduate from a school for the Talented, where she learned to control her abilities. Now there is only one obstacle standing between her and the retribution she craves... the feelings and distractions of a normal teenage girl.
If Sookie and 007 had a love child with a yearning for vengeance, her story would be TALENTED.

Éire's Captive Moon by Sandi Layne

Price $2.99
Regular Price $4.99
Éire’s Captive Moon, the first book of Sandi Layne’s Éire’s Viking Trilogy, brings you to the unsettled era of the early Viking raids along the coast of Éire – today’s Ireland.
A wounded refugee from the violent Viking raids on Éire’s coast is healed so well by Charis of Ragor that Agnarr captures the moon-pale woman for his own and takes her home to Nordweg to be his slave. Also captured is Cowan, a warrior gifted with languages. He is drawn to the healer of Ragor and finds himself helpless before her. In more ways than one!
Through the winter, Charis plans a fitting vengenance upon her captor for the men he killed. She also prepares to return to Éire and the children she left behind. But will her changing feelings interfere with these plans? When two men vie for her heart, will she give way before either – or both?

Ghostwriter by Lissa Bryan

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $7.99
Unemployed, with her savings dwindling, Sara Howell thinks things are looking up when she lands a ghostwriting job and rents the affordable island home of her favorite author, Seth Fortner, who mysteriously disappeared in 1925. Strange things happen, making Sara wonder if Seth ever left. When she finds an old trunk of Seth's letters, she delves into a world she never imagined, filled with love and a family curse it seems only she can break.

The End of All Things by Lissa Bryan

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $7.99
After a terrible virus ravages the planet, Carly, one of the few survivors, hides in her apartment in Juneau trying to survive the best she can, with occasional forays to gather food. She is discovered by Justin, an ex-soldier intent on making his way to Florida before winter. He convinces her to join him, and together they begin a journey through a nation laid to waste by the disaster. Challenges abound along the way, from the changing seasons to injury and shortage of supplies. And other survivors. Some are friendly, some are malicious, and some have minds destroyed by the virus. They can only depend on each other, and Carly finds her perceptions challenged by what it takes to live in this brutal new world. This is the story of their journey to find a place to begin a new life, and a home in each other.

Vigilant by Angel Lawson

Price: $.99
Regular Price: $3.99
Ari Grant spends her days helping the troubled youth of Glory City, and her nights trying to feel something other than the cold numbness that has settled in her bones. For years, she satisfies this urge with trips to the tattoo parlor or late night clubbing, but everything changes when she becomes a victim of an armed robbery.
She manages to escape notice from the gunman, a former client, but only because she’s saved by Glory City’s own Vigilante. A hooded man who has impeccable timing when it comes to those in need.It seems Ari isn’t the only one trying to save lost souls or looking for a life outside their job. She’s caught the attention of Nick Sanders, a handsome attorney at juvenile court. Solid and steady, he seems the perfect fit, but Ari has developed an obsession with Davis, the mysterious and sexy director of a local fight club that rehabilitates delinquent boys.
Each of these men fight for the less fortunate, but not everyone has altruistic motives. When Ari’s female clients begin to disappear, she can’t figure out who to trust. Soon enough it becomes obvious that while Ari watches over the kids of Glory City, someone else has taken to watching over her.

Hidden Threat by Sherri Hayes

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $5.99
Cali Stanton has one goal in life, being a doctor. She does not intend to run the family business. But when her father gets injured and tells her that she’s the only one he trusts, Cali finds herself behind his desk at Stanton Enterprises.
Matthew Andersen and his brother Jason have spent the last two years managing security at Stanton Enterprises. But when someone threatens the company and its CEO, challenging Matthew’s abilities, what seems like an easy task, becomes a big problem.
Cali and Matthew must fight their growing attraction for each other to avoid a potentially damaging office romance. As the threats continue, they must work together to keep the company running and discover who is behind the threats. But when things escalate to violence and Cali becomes the latest target, things get personal. Can Matthew find the Hidden Threat before it’s too late?

Legacy of a Dreamer by Allie Jean

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $4.99
Chantal Breelan has spent most of her childhood as a ward of the state. She has a mysterious past and the foster system provided her with no answers. At the age of fifteen, she begins to have horrifying dreams: images of violence and death that haunt her during her waking hours. Anxious and afraid, and with no one else to confide in, she finds comfort in her imaginary friend, a shadow in the shape of a man who stands sentinel over her. She tells him of her dreams and her fear of an unknown future.
On her eighteenth birthday, she’s forced out of her foster home, but the stress and demands drive her to the edge, making her see things. A boy from her nightmares appears in a subway station, sending her life in twists of truth and lies, and darkness surrounds her from all sides. But is it only evil that hides in the shadows, or are the answers to her past lingering just beyond?

My Only by N.K. Smith

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $5.99
Shy, awkward Adam is resigned to sit on the sidelines of life, overshadowed by his outgoing and popular twin brother, Aaron. But when a free spirited new girl with a troubled past moves in across the street, Adam's eyes are opened to a new world of possibilities. But why would ever anyone choose him when a better version exists? It seems Adam has a lot to learn about love....and life.

Ghosts of Our Pasts by N.K. Smith

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $5.99
A love beyond understanding. A loss unfathomable. A grief unbearable.
He was her anchor. Her hero. And in the blink of an eye he was gone. Emily Martin has spent the past ten years creating a life of comfort. As a successful owner of a small gourmet food store in SoHo, her fierce independence is a brutal lesson learned as the result of a tragic loss in her youth. After years of giving away only pieces of her heart, Emily realizes that this leaves her with nothing in the end. While love is fraught with risk, turning away from love may be the biggest risk of all...
Will Darcy once held the world and his future in the palm of his hand. Engaged to marry the love of his life and on the cusp of a brilliant financial career, he loses everything in a horrifying act of violence that still ripples through his life almost ten years later. Frozen in grief and a shell of the man he once was, he surrounds himself with the beautiful things she loved. But that only reminds him of all he’s lost. As life tumbles forward around him, Will has to make a decision—live in the pain of the past or reach out to grasp a new chance at life and love.
Thrown together by fate, two wounded souls in the heart of a wounded city must do what neither of them have done in years: open up and learn to love.

The Riverbend Trilogy by Andrea Goodson

Price: $0.99 each
Regular Price: $2.99 each
Nestled deep in Northwest Pennsylvania, in the thick forest of the Allegheny Mountains, is a quiet community named Kennerdell. Rich in Native American and European settlement history with few inhabitants and a charming culture, growing up there was simple for Lena. But when grief stepped in and darkened her life-everything changed. After years of escape, Lena is forced to come home. A web of mystery and danger that dates back to America’s earliest days, quickly weaves around her.When a longtime friend, one who knows the tragedy that plagues Lena's heart, comes back into her life - things get complicated. Will she be able to unfold the truth around this mystery - and herself - or will it be easier to run away?Love, danger, and history collide in all three books of The Riverbend Trilogy.

Lessons Learned by Sydney Logan

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $5.99
Sarah Bray never planned to return to teach in Sycamore Falls, but a traumatic event leaves her desperate for the sanctuary of home. She discovers a kindred spirit in Lucas Miller, a teacher from New York with demons of his own. Their newfound love is put to the test when a student's secret sends shockwaves through the community, and Sarah and Lucas - along with the town - are schooled in the lessons of acceptance, tolerance, and love.

MORE by T.M. Franklin

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $4.99
Haunted by terrifying nightmares and certain she's being watched, college student Ava Michaels finds an unlikely ally in Physics tutor Caleb Foster. But Caleb isn't quite what he seems. In fact, he's not entirely human, and he's not the only one. Together, the duo faces a threat from an ancient race bent on Ava's capture, and possible extinction. As Ava fights to survive, she learns the world's not what she thought.
It's a little bit more.

Lies Inside by Lindsey Gray

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $4.99
How do you say goodbye to the love of your life when you are only twelve years old? Finn O'Malley and Lucy Butler had to figure out how to do just that as Finn left his home in Clarkstown, New York for Two Roads School of Music in California. Being a young talented musician, Finn thought it best for his future but wasn't sure about leaving Lucy behind.
Now, just one semester short of graduation and a promising future at UCLA, he throws it all away to return home. This leaves his family and friends questioning why. The Finn that has returned home is not the same boy who left. He's broken and withdrawn. Lucy and his sister Rylan want nothing more than to bring back the Finn they know and love. From the moment Finn reconnects with Lucy, he feels the one thing he hasn't felt in years-hope.
As Lucy starts to bring him out of his shell, Finn begins to realize what real love really is. When his past collides with his future, how will Finn deal with the love he needs and the love he despises? Can Lucy help heal what lies inside?

Redemption by Lindsey Gray

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $4.99
Lily is one of only three vampires in known existence. After falling in love with a human, sexy and talented musician Ian, she realizes their love is putting him in mortal danger. She flees from her life in Boston to the solace of her frozen waste land. As her past continues to haunt her, Ian seeks out the only family Lily has ever known. Becca introduces Ian to a world he never thought possible as they embark on a search for Lily, starting in the bowels of a mysterious company called The Manchester Group. Will Ian and Becca find her? Or will the reemergence of a long lost love take a hold of their future?

Revisted by Lindsey Gray

Price: $2.99
Regular Price: $4.99
As the Redemption series continues in Revisited, everyone's path leads into one.
Lily Edwards, the last remaining female vampire, is facing a daunting task. She has to find Liam Caldwell, the vampire she was forced to create, and change him back to his human state. But Lily's task will not be an easy one as fellow remaining vampires, Filipp and Debir, have been secretly plotting her demise for decades and were the ones responsible for Liam being turned. While Liam is grateful for Filipp and Debir's guidance during his transformation into the vampire he felt destined to be, he's having second thoughts as he learns their whole plan is not what it seems. A handpicked army of humans waits for Liam to change them into vampires at Filipp's instruction.
Adding to the mix is Valentina Pavel, the last member of a Romanian witch coven, who brings forth new challenges of her own. Together, they all have Liam doing the unthinkable, pleading for a way out. Lily's adopted daughter, Becca, is also preoccupied with a few dilemmas of her own. Discovering that the angel, Sam Fleming, is her biological father presents her with a choice to accept the powers of her birthright, or continue her human existence.
She must find the answer while continuing to fight the feelings she has for fellow angel, Abe North, and her missing new love, Ian Holt. Ian's world has been turned upside down now that the body-stealing demon, Gideon, is controlling him. Ian struggles as Gideon's decisions cause them both mental and physical pain. The only thing they agree on is their insatiable need to be with Becca at all costs.
Friends-now-turned-enemies struggle for their eternity, while enemies-turned-friends fight side by side. Will Lily's past give her the answers she needs to reach the future?

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Sneak Peek with Sandi Layne

A peek into...

 photo SmallCoverCopy.jpg
A Contemporary Inspirational Romance by Sandi Layne
Release Date: July 11, 2013, by TWCS


“Put a bow around the woman you want for me, so I’ll know.”
A paradise for some, Florida is a lonely place for Associate Pastor Dr. Mark Countryman. Hurt by relationships in the past, Mark wonders if there is someone out there for him. He asks God to make his will clear.
When he stumbles over local girl Shelley Roberts while out to lunch one afternoon, he feels both an attraction to her and the need to guard his heart. Her chipper and sunny demeanor add brightness to each day he spends with her, but his track record with relationships keeps him from fully opening his heart. Their burgeoning relationship is put to the test when a brewing storm off the Florida Peninsula threatens their city. Shelley prays for God's help as she prepares for all contingencies, while Mark stands firm in his faith in God's protection.  photo Caloosahatchee.jpg

Excerpt from the book:

“Mark!” Anne said, her voice echoing off the white walls as she lifted the white plastic bag with his lunch. “Ready!”

He paid for it, left her a tip, and was backing up to the door, telling Anne to have a good day, when the door opened and he collided with an incoming customer. “Whoa!” he exclaimed, arms flailing enough that he was relieved that all the food was secure inside well-packed containers.

“Hey!” the incoming customer said in response, her laughter warm as she caught him with one hand on either side of his ribs. “Steady, there,” she advised, holding him until both his feet were firm on the faded tile floor. “Y’all right?”

“Yeah,” he said, feeling more than a little embarrassed to have been caught so off-center, and to have been held up by a woman. Meeting her eyes, he had to catch his breath. “Thank you.”

Her dancing brown eyes were bold below marked brown brows as she appeared to study him to assure herself he was, indeed, able to stand on his own. He had the definite feeling, though, that she was checking him out, which was disconcerting . . . and a little flattering. As brief as the contact had been, he felt the emptiness where her hands had braced him. Blowing out a puff of air, he tried to shrug the expectant feeling away.

Hands dropping to her sides, she nodded. “You’re welcome. But hey, if you ever feel the need to step into a gravity well again,” she said with a laugh, “I’ll be more than happy to help!” Her wink was playful and he knew that she could indeed be flirtatious, given the opportunity.

It was not in his nature, though, to provide one. He could only look at her in surprise and regret that he couldn’t seem to respond in kind. He wanted to, but felt out of his depth with her. And gravity well? Was that a new slang term or something?

“Shelley! You’re early,” Anne said from behind the counter. “Busy day today?”

A strange upsurge of hope sent his eyebrows up. Shelley. Her name was Shelley…

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Cover Reveal - Jouney to Forever by Lisa Bilbrey

Finally back in the warm embrace of his family, Travis McCoy relishes in every moment he gets to spend with his wife and son. After almost losing them due to his own selfishness, he makes the decision to never let go of his family again. With his plan is set in motion, he, Penelope, and Max start a new journey, one that leads them to forever.
Lisa Bilbrey is a mom of three and has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1996.
Finding a love in the written word, she started writing as a way to express herself. From the first word she wrote, she'd found her heart and soul. Always willing to learn, she's spends much of her time trying to improve as a storyteller.
In late 2011, Lisa opened Renaissance Romance Publishing with Michele Richard and Laura Braley.

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More Than You Know

Release Date: May 14th, 2013
Genre: New Adult Romance
Cover Designer: LJ Anderson at Mayhem Cover Creations -

After surviving a devastating car accident that took her father's life, Bryn Woods feels like she has nothing left in her hometown of Savannah, GA. Along with losing her father, her boyfriend, Tyler, unexpectedly leaves town the same time of the accident. Feeling alone, broke and confused, Bryn leaves Savannah for college in New York City to escape her heartbreak.

Four years later, Bryn returns to Savannah to live in her childhood home. Slowly, she begins to let the people of her past back into her life. She lets the protective walls she's built to protect herself crash down around her. As she begins to find love again with Tyler, secrets start to unravel themselves about his past. Tyler has secrets of his own. Secrets connected to the death of Bryn's father. Secrets Tyler didn't even know he kept.
Author Bio:
Alexandria Rhodes is a first time novelist from the good old state of Ohio. She is a recent college graduate with a degree in English and Creative Writing. Alexandria has always known she needed to write and has been doing so ever since she bought a typewriter at a garage sale when she was nine. With hundreds of pages of plot ideas, scripts and character descriptions, it is no surprise that she finally came around to writing a book. Alexandria enjoys reading, writing, reviewing, spending time with family, tweeting (a little too much) and traveling, especially to Savannah, GA and New York City. Her writing is heavily influenced by her surroundings and the people in her life. She hopes that her stories will touch the hearts of her readers.

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