Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Very Important Guest review

A Very Important Guest - A Novella
Abby Flaherty has a lousy job, but it's the perfect one for her. Housekeeping in a luxury Waikiki hotel is a refuge from her troubles. Once a carefree and spirited island girl, Abby has had to deal with responsibilities and grim circumstances beyond her years. But when a V.I.P guest discovers there's more to Abby than her uniform and cleaning cart, the glow of romance begins to brighten her life in ways she's not sure she can trust - or live without.

Set against a backdrop of pristine beaches and starlit skies, this intriguing short story delivers political banter, poignant realism, and delicious romance all sparked by the visit of A Very Important Guest.

Mary Whitney has created a quick romantic fairy tale that was fun to read and left me wanting more, as most short stories do. This one was written beautifully, capturing Whitney's talent at spinning her words in a way that the reader can picture each scene perfectly. I really enjoyed it and will be looking forward to reading more about Abby and her important guest.


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