Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Blogger Event - Remember Your First Kiss???

Remember Your First Kiss ???

Take a look at some of the hottest first kisses by some of our favorite authors and vote to decide your favorite. Winning author gets bragging rights and all who participate have a chance at a $20.00 Amazon gift card.

Forget Me Not by Allison Blanchard
“What can I do to make you believe you’re not dreaming?” 
Dreaming? Right. I thought I was dreaming. The dull ache threatened to return. The pieces of my heart began to fall apart. Cole leaned in, tilting his head. Raindrops landed on my eyelids as his lips gently met mine.
Ghostwriter by Lissa Bryan
She kissed him with sweet hunger. He felt her tongue brush the seam of his lips, and he was lost. He kissed her like he’d wanted to for weeks, and oh God, it was every bit as good as he thought it would be.
Making the First Move by Reese Ryan
I can barely breathe. His kiss is greedy, intense. It sends a chill down my spine yet sets every nerve in my body ablaze with a consuming fire. I’m overwhelmed by the sensation of heat, the increased sensitivity of my skin and the pulsing ache between my thighs.
 Finding Esta by Shah Wharton
He sliced the razor across his tongue, gasped until his lips found mine, and luscious blood flooded my mouth. He delivered my first kiss and I sucked, licked, and drank him in. No pain or visions interrupted the sensation of his unadulterated passion, which rode into me on each cell.
The End of All Things by Lissa Bryan
Seth stopped her words with his lips. Warm and soft, and so sweetly
gentle as they moved over hers. Sara twined her arms around his neck and
arched closer. Her heart was beating so fast she was afraid it might explode
from the exertion and joy singing through her veins.
Midnight Caller by NJ Cole
Bringing my lips to hers, I pressed softly. Instantly, she reacted by pressing back. That may have been acceptable when a woman kissed a man, but it was not acceptable in my playroom. When I kissed her, I was in control. I decided how and when we kissed.
My first kiss was with Ramesses II after I took an unplanned trip back in time. I didn’t kiss him; he kissed me after sneaking up on me. He didn’t take his time or was gentle about it at all. It made my head spin after he was through!
Disciples, Part III by L. Blankenship
No smile in his eyes as he leaned just a little, only a gentle, lulling focus. A brief touch, lips to lips. I knew that look; I’d seen it in Kiefan’s eyes — Fear jabbed me, and I flinched. Looked away.

Now it's time to vote! Don't forget to check out these works and add them to your TBR list! Thanks for voting and Good Luck!


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