Thursday, September 12, 2013

More from MORE by T.M. Franklin

I wa spart of the recent Indie Summer Blog Tour, and was asked to blog about a place in the world either I'd like to visit, or maybe the characters in my book might like to go. I chose the latter (although I'd probably like to go there too!)
With MORE’s ties to myths and legends, it seems logical that if Caleb were to take Ava on a trip, he’d take her somewhere special to the First Race. Somewhere steeped in mystical history where someone Race, or perhaps maybe even a Half-Breed, made an impact on humanity.
“Our mission is to protect humanity and aid in its growth and development,” he explained. “We watch and offer a nudge here and there in the right direction.”
“A nudge?”
“Helping along in the development of science and technology, for example. Vaccines, scientific discoveries . . . agricultural advances. We try to aid where we can, while at the same time protecting you from potentially dangerous mishaps.”
“Kind of like guardian angels, then?” she asked.
Caleb smirked and looked back out the window. “Of a kind,” he said. “The number one rule for us is to stay under the radar, undetected. Although we have enhanced abilities, we are far fewer in number than you, and we’ve learned from history that not everyone is happy to learn of our existence.
“Secrecy is for our protection as much as your own,” he added.
 - MORE, Chapter 8

Tintagel Castle Courtyard ©Rawac
The ruins of Tintagel Castle stand on the cliffs along England’s dramatic coastline in North Cornwall. Legend holds it is the birthplace of King Arthur, and the castle also features in the tale of Tristan and Isolde. It seems like the perfect place for Caleb and Ava to hole up, off the grid a bit so maybe they can avoid the Council.  And Caleb could share a bit of Race history, because you KNOW the Race had something to do with a legend like King Arthur. 
Tintagel Ruins ©Graham Hogg
Gateway to Tintagel Castle ©Humphrey Bolton
Pretty cool, right? Well, even cooler is what's below the castle...
Merlin's Cave ©Michael Murray

Beneath Tintagel Castle lies Merlin’s Cave, made famous in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King. The tale says waves carried the infant Arthur to shore and Merlin carried him to safety, hiding in the cave to protect him from enemies of the Pendragon crown. Some say Merlin’s ghost still haunts the cave.
©allspice1 -
Hey, maybe Merlin himself was Race.  You never know!
So, if money were no object, where would you go? Let me know in the comments!


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